The following segments exemplify output generated by instances of TAGSExplorer, a Google Docs script that has been developed by Martin Hawksey (on Twitter: @mhawksey. Powered by d3.js, Google Spreadsheets and Google Visualization API (gVisAPI), what the tool does is basically pulling publicly-available tweet data of a given hashtag, profile or other search term from Twitter, and saving this dataset to a Google Spreadsheet. Following up from there, and thanks to Martin’s amazing scripting skills and the gVisAPI, TAGSExplorer then does a set of network visualisations through which the collected entries can be set in relation to each other to create visual connections between tweeters, retweets, mentions, etc.

Some examples…

➡ TAGS Archive for #OAbooks

➡ TAGS Archive for #OERxDomains21



Header image by Chase Baker on Unsplash

CC BY 4.0 Experimenting with Twitter data and Google Sheets via TAGSExplorer by Tobias Steiner is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.